The academic and vocational programs offered by the Colleges are designed to meet the educational needs of the community. Anyone who is a high school graduate or 18 years of age or older can select from thousands of courses offered at convenient times on the campuses and at a number of off-campus locations.

What We Offer

The Four Pillars

Training programs are created around the four pillars of Mindset, Nutrition, Movement and Recovery. Proper mindset is needed before beginning any program in order to become focused and dedicated to reaching the desired goal, while nutrition provides the foundational support to maximize the benefits of training. Training movement patterns ensures that all exercises support the specific physical needs of athletes and clients, while recovery provides essential regeneration of muscles, allowing the body to re-energize and prepare for the next day’s activity.

  • Smart Start Orientations
  • Swim Evaluations
  • Personal Training
  • Duo Training
  • Small Group Training
  • Fitness Staff Available to Assist Monday-Sunday
  • Body Work

Modern Facility

The club swimming program will attract major swimming competitions to the pool which will be among the best and largest in the area. The San Mateo Athletic Club is used for CSM academic programs as well as enterprise endeavors including rental of the pool to various clubs and groups throughout the San Mateo County area. SMAC has a vast strength training area with equipment and free weights by Hammer Strength, Life Fitness, Cybex, Star Trac and Free Motion. Our Fitness Center also houses some of the finest functional training equipment on the market. We carefully select our equipment to provide you with the best possible workout experience. We cater to every type of fitness enthusiast with modern facilities that are professionally staffed, spacious and safe. Over 19,500 square feet of space dedicated to:

  • Indoor Cycling
  • Group Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Cardiovascular and strength training equipment
  • Integrated TVs
  • Life Fitness and Woodway and TechnoGym Treadmills
  • Stepmills
  • Precor, TechnoGym and Lifefitness Elliptical Trainers
  • Cybex ARC trainers
  • Precor AMT trainers
  • LifeFitness Stationary Bikes
  • Star Trac Indoor Cycling Bikes
  • Concept 2 Rowers
  • Versaclimber
  • SCIFIT and TechnoGym Upper Body Ergometers

Where Education Meets Fitness

We offer many opportunities for future endeavors as well.

  • Club Swimming
  • Group Exercise Certification
  • Water Safety Instructor Certification
  • Indoor Cycling Certification

Healthy Lifestyle and Learning

Students make decisions affecting their health and well being every day, and those decisions often lead to habits that stay with them throughout their lives. Research shows that students who participate in physical activities on a regular basis learn new skills and improve performance, while gaining the self-discipline to excel in individual and group activities. Physical fitness promotes mental alertness and the ability to concentrate. Additionally, physical fitness helps students to manage stress and express emotions in healthy way; thus encouraging positive relations with family and peers.

Healthy Lifestyle and Productivity

There is no doubt that daily lifestyle practices exert a profound impact on short- and long-term health and quality of life. Moreover, recent data proves that there is a direct correlation between health and productivity: high levels of stress, excessive body weight, and health risk factors such as smoking, poor diet and substance abuse are associated with illness-related absenteeism and increased health care costs.


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Our Mission

The mission of the Health & Fitness Center is to create a healthy environment that engages students, staff and community members in the pursuit of health and physical fitness. With a facility such as this, the emphasis is on enjoying exercise for its own sake and learning fitness habits for life. This means that students have a place where they can focus on lifetime fitness goals and individual achievement, and community members can find opportunities to improve their health and well-being.