Pools, SMAC Outside, & Inside Fitness Floor REMAIN OPEN.

All SMAC on-site offerings require reservations.

As outlined in recent communications, members will have access to the Indoor Fitness Floor, SMAC Outside Gym, Select On-site Group Classes, & Pools (one person per lane). All access will be by reservation only. Members ages 15-17 are welcome to attend SMAC with their parent, participating in the same activity (for example both in pool, or both inside/outside gym, etc).

Operating Hours

Monday – Friday 6:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 7:00 am – 2:00 pm.
Senior Only Hours (>62 years old): Daily from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

The online reservation system requires your membership to be in ‘ACTIVE’ status in order to attend SMAC or participate in our Virtual Group Exercise Classes.

Activate Your Membership

From freezes/cancels due to COVID March 13th through current)

You will need your membership number to make a reservation. Your membership number can be found on the back of your key tag. If you need a replacement key tag, please contact us at smac.fitness@smccd.edu.

  • Reservations can be made at the top of each hour.
  • Reservations may be made up to (2) days in advance.
  • Members will be allowed 50 minutes of activity per hour. All areas will be cleared within 10 minutes of the next hour to ensure transition time.
  • You may make up to (3) Pool reservations per week.
  • Indoor & Outside fitness offerings have unlimited visits per week; however, a max of two (back-to-back) reservations may be made per day.
  • Personal Training and Private Pilates Sessions: Please book your appointment directly with your trainer/instructor.

Reservation spots available per hour*- Click HERE to make a reservation

  • 45 spots for the SMAC Outside Gym
  • 35 spots for the Indoor Fitness Floor
  • 20 spots for the Large Pool Lap Swim
  • 6 spots for Small Pool Walk/Swim

Student Reservations: CSM students currently enrolled will have a set number of spots available for them between the hours of 1:00 – 4:00 pm Monday through Friday, along with access to the club during all operating hours (except for Senior Hours).

Please note the following number of spots blocked for CSM students Only from Mon-Fri 1:00 – 4:00 pm:

  • 15 spots per hour for students for SMAC Outside
  • 10 spot per hour for students for Indoor Fitness Floor
  • 2 spots per hour for students for Large Pool Lap Swim Reservations
  • 3 spots per hour for students for Small Pool Swim/Walk Reservations

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations MUST be done in advance of your reservation time. If you are not sure that you can make your appointment, please cancel or do not schedule. It is disrespectful to your fellow members to ‘no-show’.
  • If for any reason you have more than 2 ‘no shows’ your reservations privileges will be suspended for up to ‘2’ weeks.

Accessing the Club

  • Plan to arrive on campus at least 10 minutes prior to your reservation time. You will need to show your SMAC parking permit or Key Tag to access the campus via the SMAC lane.
  • Please queue along the access sidewalk/social distancing. Club doors will open ‘on’ the hour and not before.

Leave valuables at home. See locker room availability in the ‘Changes to Operation’ section.

Parking: Parking is limited to the Beethoven Lot 2 D-E. All parking permits will be honored through October regardless of expiry date. Updating parking permits will begin on Sept. 1st whereby you can exchange for a new permit.

Check-in: There will be a check-in line at the club entrance. You will need your Key Tag to enter the club. If you have lost your Key Tag, there will be a separate line to get a replacement Key Tag. This will likely add another 10 minutes to your check-in process. There will be a separate check-in line for scheduled appointments with Personal Trainers and Private Pilates instructors.

Sanitize: You will be asked to sanitize your hands upon entry.

Group Exercise Classes: Classes will remain on-line and Cycling, Boot camp, and select Yoga classes available on-site Outdoors with Reservations available (2) days in advance.

Health and Safety Expectations

Attire: Please arrive and leave in your workout attire/swimsuit. Locker rooms are for restroom use only. There are changing cabanas on the pool deck and changing stalls in the family changing room, which is accessible from the pool deck. Deck showers are available only for rinsing (no soaps/shampoo)

  • Face coverings are required at all times, except when you are swimming.
  • Bring your own towel and take it with you when you leave.


  • No aquatic equipment (buoys, kickboards, barbells, etc.) is available.
  • Only use open (unmarked) equipment—do not adjust equipment markers.
  • Wipe down all touch points on equipment before and after use.
  • Respect signage regarding areas that may be closed or at capacity.

Expected Conduct

  • Follow the directions of travel arrows and 6’ spacing marked on the floor.
  • Social distancing guidelines remain in effect throughout.
  • Congregating is not permitted.
  • Wash hands (for at least 20 seconds) after using the restroom.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Sanitize your hands upon entry to the club and after every time you touch your face. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout.
  • Wipe down equipment, restroom door handles, and all other touch points before and after use.
  • Sneeze/cough into your elbow, even when wearing a face mask. Spitting is not permitted.
  • Wear your face mask at all times indoors & outdoors, except when swimming.

Expected Conduct on the Pool Deck

  • Follow the directions of travel arrows and 6’ spacing marked on the pool deck.
  • Social distancing guidelines remain in effect throughout the pool deck.
  • Congregating around the pool, in the pool, and at the end of the lanes is not permitted.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Remove your face mask just prior to entering the pool, and promptly put on your face mask after exiting the water. You may keep your face mask with your items along the ledge.
  • Sneeze/cough into your elbow, even when wearing a face mask. Spitting is not permitted.
  • Please exit the pool deck via the gates. Our Deck Supervisor will guide you.

Changes to Operation

Pool: You may experience slightly higher chlorine levels, in alignment with USA Swimming recommendations.

Guest Policy: The SMAC guest policy is suspended until further notice. Our students/members come first.

Elevators: Elevators are only available for those who are unable to use the stairs. One passenger at a time.

Towel Service: Towel service is not available at this time. Please bring your own towel and note that towels left behind will be discarded.

Water Fountains: Please bring your own bottle to fill at the water station. Drinking spouts have been disconnected.

Fans: All directional wall and floor fans are not permitted at this time. Personal fans are not permitted.

Lockers/Locker Rooms: Locker rooms are for restroom use only. Those with permanently rented lockers may access their personal locker.

Please leave valuables at home. Lockers will be available in ‘common’ areas: main fitness floor and alcove in the hallway to stairs. You will need to bring your own lock and remove items after your visit.

Membership Dues

Monthly membership dues will commence on September 1st

Monthly membership dues will commence on September 1st for all active members, and an active membership will be required to participate in all SMAC offerings including virtual classes.

Reservations will continue to be required for all options except virtual classes.

To accommodate capacity, visits to the pool and outside classes will be capped at 3 visits per week. Indoor Fitness and SMAC Outside fitness offerings will be unlimited visits, max of 2 hours (back-to-back reservations) per day. Virtual classes are unlimited to active members. Members ages 15-17 are welcome to attend SMAC with their parent, participating in the same activity (for example both in pool, and inside/outside, etc).

Please reference below to Change your membership status:

Frozen memberships will be honored through Feb. 28th, 2021, after which time your membership will be cancelled and subjected to a registration fee and prevailing dues upon rejoining.

Additional Cleaning And Sanitization Measures

  • SMAC has increased equipment cleaning, including using electrostatic sprayers.
  • Additional hand sanitizer and equipment wipes are readily available and clearly marked throughout the club.
  • Members remain responsible for wiping down equipment before and after use. This will now also include all touch-points.

Staff Safety

  • Staff must follow all Campus safety guidelines.
  • All staff are required to wear masks when on campus.
  • Plexi barriers are placed at the front desk